BBTitans – In Ebuka’s absence, Lawrence shakes several tables during Last night’s eviction show – VIDEO

BBTitans - In Ebuka's absence, Lawrence
  • BBTitans – In Ebuka’s absence, Lawrence shakes several tables during Last night’s eviction show – VIDEO

Representing his Nigerian co-host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who is away this weekend, Lawrence Maleka held down the fort by asking some questions that left the housemates tongue-tied.

Lawrence asked the housemates about their love affairs and possible relationships.

Beginning with Nelisa, he asked if her HoH stint had helped as a distraction from Thabang and she responded in the affirmative.

However, Thabang said things weren’t settled when asked about his relationship with her, then danced around the question without giving anything concrete when asked about his “special friend” outside the house.

Over the past few weeks, these two have shared some kisses yet kept the audience and housemates guessing about their ship. The two had an intimate moment as they shared a kiss during the Saturday night party, only for Thabang to be rude to Nelisa the next morning.

While the pair appear to be into each other, it looks like Nelisa is more in it than Thabang, who seems to have his focus elsewhere, doing the rounds with Khosi and Olivia.

Next, Lawrence faced Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii, who confirmed that there was indeed an element of love in their relationship.

The table shaking continued when Lawrence asked Olivia about one of her sessions with her gossip sisters Nana and Yvonne. After affirming that she was friends with Blue Aiva, Lawrence asked her why she told her gossip sisters about Ipeleng and Tsatsii not liking Blue Aiva instead of telling Blue Aiva herself. Olivia, however, denied this outright saying she would remember if she had such a conversation.

Lawrence broke the table when he asked Yemi Cregx about being open to mending fences with Miracle OP.

He responded that he was and that they have tried in the past, but it always ended in a deadlock. These two have been clashing over Khosi.

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