Biggie stops great divide game between male and female housemates – BBTitans

Biggie BBTitans
  • Biggie stops great divide game between male and female housemates – BBTitans

Biggie called a halt to the Great Divide competition between the male and female housemates early this morning. He went on to say that some of the housemates had broken the rules and would be punished on Monday.

On Thursday, Biggie, the authoritative voice on the ongoing reality show Big Brother Titans (BBTitans), unexpectedly separated the male housemates from the females.

After the housemates won their wager, Thabang, the house’s head of house (HoH), revealed the unexpected twist.

Biggie referred to the most recent change as a “task of the separation,” which prohibits housemates from conversing with those of a different gender.

He instructed the housemates to switch where they sleep. While the guys were in the “Sandton” room, the girls were in the “Alex” bedroom.

Big Brother says that the male and female housemates can talk to each other through a third party. He continued by stating that non-communication between people of different genders includes body language and gestures.

They are also forbidden from interacting with one another during game nights or work hours. Biggie added that the shared space can still be used by all housemates. He said that the housemates could use the yellow zone if they needed to talk quickly.

Only a few times per day are the groups allowed to communicate with one another in this area through a representative.

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Biggie warned that, among other penalties, any housemate who broke the task’s rules would not be allowed to play in the head-of-house game.

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