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Olivia and Yvonne

Olivia and Yvonne often have the most salacious gossip and tonight was no letdown as they swapped gist on the Khoyemi ship and Khosi’s game plan.

Nothing like juicy gossip to start the evening right? Olivia and Yvonne started the evening discussing the Khoyemi ship. Here are a few things we caught from the chat.

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There is a fire in the Khoyemi camp

Allegedly, Khosi and Yemi Cregx are not on speaking terms. Yvonne overheard Yemi Cregx complain about a certain female housemate to Marvin and she felt it was Khosi.

This is quite interesting because later in the evening, Khosi and Marvin had a chat where she complained about Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx saying that Blue Aiva was chasing her man. Will this gist get back to Yemi Cregx?

The cookie debacle

The housemates had a cookie gifting session in the afternoon and some housemates apparently took it very seriously. According to Olivia, Blue Aiva claimed that she would never have spoken to Yemi Cregx again if he didn’t gift her a cookie in the afternoon.

Khosi apparently got the least amount of cookies because she was only gifted by Nana and Yemi Cregx.

The tea from Olivia and Yvonne definitely set socials on fire.

Olivia and Yvonne analyse Khoyemi ship

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