See what comedian Frank Donga said to Nigerian youths about 2023 elections

comedian Frank Donga
Actor and skit maker Frank Donga recently spoke with about the upcoming 2023 election, and most of his message were directed to the Nigerian youth.
During the exchange, the comedian said that if Nigerian youth don’t stand up now, they may get a chance to speak out more clearly.
“More young people need to be involved in governance,” says Frank Donga
“First of all, I think more Nigerian youth, professionals, and entertainers need to participate more in politics and encourage their audience to also participate more in election processes because the only legit way to put who you believe in to change the country and develop it is through elections.”
He continued saying,
“Over the years, you’ve seen a lot of young people get discouraged and get pessimistic about participating in electoral processes, and arguably understandable. A lot of people show election apathy because they feel their votes don’t count and even when they trust someone when they get there, most times they disappoint the people, but we can’t give up.”
Frank also spoke of the need to hold elected leaders more accountable to their campaign promises. He spoke of the need to establish a civics office that could closely monitor the activities of elected leaders in government.

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