Video: Watch the moment Sabinus refused to hang a snake on his neck during birthday vacation

Oga Sabinus
Skit maker Oga Sabinus has shared a sweet video from his birthday vacation in an African country. He was seen cruising on a ship, among other fun moments.
The skit maker said that he was requested to put the snake around his neck but fled out of fear
Regarding Sabinus’ video, fans gush
“Na rough play jaree happy birthday investor sabinus.”
“Oga sabinus happy birthday, met a Nigerian lady she said you are her elder brother.”
Mr Randy: “Happy birthday boss I used to be a very big fan of yours, but now I’m a whole air conditioner…”
Idris Garba:
“Sabinwa February babies una birthday no pure at all no new Nair’s note i for spray money 4u anyway best birthday wishes age gracefully and be blessed.”

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