More squabbles between LaLiga and Barcelona over Gavi

More squabbles between LaLiga and Barcelona over Gavi
  • LaLiga assures that Barcelona sent the lawsuit out of time, which the club denies

Gavi has been left without a first team registration, but there are two versions in this regard, LaLiga indicates that the club filed the lawsuit out of time, while the Azulgrana assures that it is a decision of the judge, that it is not a final judgment and that it can be appealed (the latter, the possibility of appeal, is also pointed out by LaLiga).

And that, therefore, the precautionary measure will not be lifted until it is final.

What is clear is that the player will be able to continue playing in the first team, though it remains to be seen with which registration.

LaLiga understands that with the notification received from court number 10 of Barcelona, the situation immediately prior to the precautionary measures is returned.

Details of the Gavi case

The story is as follows: LaLiga had rejected the registration of Gavi for the first team on the understanding that Barcelona did not have space within its wage bill.

The Catalan club did not agree with this conclusion and therefore submitted a brief to the judge asking him to allow the registration while this issue was being resolved.

The judge granted Barcelona‘s request because not registering him would have “irreparable consequences” for the club.

However, Barcelona would have to file a lawsuit for the issue to be resolved in court and LaLiga complied with the judge’s ruling and allowed the registration.

According to LaLiga, the club did not comply with its part as it filed the lawsuit after the deadline.

Therefore, the judge withdrew the injunctions and Gavi returns to his previous status, meaning he has his previous contract, so he will have to play with the his youth registration.

That is a cause for concern as it means that from June the player’s release clause would be a fee of zero euros, so any club could take him for free.

Why couldn’t Barcelona register Gavi with the first team?

Last February 20, in a talk to explain the salary limits of the winter market, Javier Gomez, father of the economic control of LaLiga, explained the situation in which Gavi found himself.

After the summer, Barcelona renewed Gavi and wanted to enroll him in the first team.

To enroll Gavi with his new salary, Barcelona had to comply with two articles.

First, article 93.6, approved last November in the new economic control rules, which states that when a club has made exceptional operations like Barcelona did by selling assets, it has to present a cash flow plan for the next two seasons to demonstrate that the signings or renewals it wants to make are viable.

On the other hand, Article 101, in force since 2013, which says that when a player is renewed you have to look at the limit for the following season.

Barcelona saved the wages of Gerard Pique and Memphis Depay by their exits in the winter market, but being in surplus (the Champions League elimination weighed heavily) could only spend 40% of what was saved with those salaries.

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That 40% was enough to pay for Gavi‘s contract this season, but not if they looked at the long term, as is the case in the treasury plan that LaLiga is asking Barcelona to implement.

Gavi can continue to play until June 30 with his youth team registration because last summer Barcelona requested authorization for him to play this season in that situation, but after that date he will have to find a solution.

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